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Addressing an Underserved Population: Women with Dense Breasts

More than 60,000 detectable breast cancers are missed annually by mammograms in women with dense breast tissue. Unfortunately, more than 18 million women in the US do not benefit from supplemental ultrasound that can locate overlooked tumors. Compared to mammography alone, combining ultrasound with x-ray mammography doubles the cancer detection rate in women with dense breasts.

MetriTrack’s FDA cleared product, the BVNTM model G-2000 (Breast Volume Navigator) is designed to fill this unmet medical need, potentially saving thousands of lives among women in the US and around the world.

The Problem

Operator’s proficiency and limited reproducibility may cause missing or misdiagnosing small cancers. These factors and the length of exams explain why breast ultrasound has not found the same acceptance level as x-ray mammography and many detectable small cancers remain undetected.

Our Solution

Our solution to the problem relies on obtaining standardized, reproducible optimal ultrasound exams more efficiently than with the current technologies. This is made possible by our proprietary dynamic mapping technology with anatomical referencing, which supports the precise mapping of breast volume and small lesions in the breast and axilla within a few millimeters. Achieving this level of breast mapping precision with handheld probes was critical to reach our targeted exam quality throughout the entire breast cancer continuum of care from detection to treatment.

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