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MetriTrack is pleased to announce that the IRB-approved clinical study performed at NorthShore University Healthcare system has been completed. The purpose of the study was to verify and quantify the level of precision and the benefits that MetriTrack’s BVN™ model G-2000 system (BVN™) would provide to clinicians. The study was conducted with multiple users on multiple patients over a period of nearly 2 years.

The automated breast mapping device provided real-time features describing the location of the breast masses and probe relative to the nipple and patient’s body. All results successfully discriminated small from large breast mass displacements during scanning and accurately mapped all masses.

Activity showed that use of the MetriTrack BVN™ system on a handheld ultrasound system may

  1. successfully predict the displacement of breast masses and
  2. assist ultrasound operators to precisely map and subsequently reproduce small breast lesions with confidence while saving time and effort for clinicians.

MetriTrack has completed the study on the precision of mapping with its BVN™ model G-2000 system at NorthShore University Healthcare System.