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Hillside, Ill — May 26, 2022 — MetriTrack, Inc is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Excel Imaging, a major distributor of Radiology Imaging equipment in the southeastern United States. Under this agreement, Excel Imaging will distribute and support the BVN™ model G-2000, Breast Volume navigator into all segments of the radiology market for breast ultrasound imaging.

“We are excited to have such an excellent organization representing MetriTrack in the Southeastern United States Radiology market. We are confident that our system, BVN™-G2000 will dramatically change the way patients are currently cared for.”, said Dr. Calin Caluser, President MetriTrack. “We look forward to working with the Excel Imaging team to serve current Excel Imaging customers and to further improve patient care.”, said Dr. Caluser.

“Here at Excel Imaging, we believe strongly in providing advanced technology and supporting our customers. Based on our extensive experience in the market, we are aware that MetriTrack’s BVN™-G2000 system can be the solution that our customers have been looking for many years. We consider the BVN™-G2000 to be an exceptional technology that will complement the advanced ultrasound technology that we currently provide to our customers. We look forward to a long and strong relationship with MetriTrack and to successfully serving our customers.”, said Michael Hayes, President at Excel Imaging.

Positive Customer Impact
Clinicians have been looking for a solution to overcome the challenges of confident imaging in dense breast tissue for years. Until now, ultrasound’s precision limitations prevented it from becoming that solution. With MetriTrack’s BVN™-G2000 and a quality ultrasound system, ultrasound can effectively provide the accuracy and precision necessary to provide Breast Radiologists with the information for a confident diagnosis.

MetriTrack’s BVN™-G2000 is FDA cleared and available for purchase and installation. Please visit our website www.MetriTrack.com, email us at office@metritrack.com or call us at (708) 498-3578 to learn more or to schedule a demo.

About MetriTrack, Inc.

Established in 2014 by Dr. Calin Caluser, a practicing breast radiologist. MetriTrack has developed novel technologies for improving the clinical effectiveness and utilization of ultrasound as the preferred modality for imaging of dense breast tissue. With the MetriTrack technologies, ultrasound can provide more utilization in the detection and subsequent treatment of small breast cancers.

MetriTrack’s BVN-2000 is FDA cleared and available for purchase and installation.
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