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MetriTrack is pleased to announce the presentation of the breast mapping clinical study results at the European Congress of Radiology which takes place in Vienna, Austria from March 2nd to March 6th. The data obtained in the study demonstrates the capability of MetriTrack’s technology to confidently map and localize small breast masses with sub-centimeter precision, which is several times more precise than the current manual mapping method.

The ability to confidently and quickly localize small masses at follow up or for biopsy guidance is a major clinical advantage which can prevent missing small cancers and human errors. The time savings due to the automatization of manual annotations and fast localization of small masses with on screen guidance can also decrease the cost per exam. At the same time, the standardization of annotations with associated breast 3D maps will expedite the radiologist reporting and prevent errors.

Clinical results for MetriTrack’s system study performed at NorthShore University to be presented at European Congress of Radiology.